The class you should go to if you:

  1. Think you need to 'stretch' but don't enjoy it and frequently procrastinate
  2. Constantly feel stiff when you wake up in the morning
  3. Have frequent pain/ache in your lower back, shoulder, and neck
  4. Feel tight no matter how much you've been stretching for the past week/month/year
  5. Are coming back to physical activity from an injury, need to take it slow but want to have a fun workout at the same time
  6. All of the above

This 1 hour class is about active mobility and injury detection. We combine exercises from tai chi, yoga, pilates, and gymnastics, all specifically geared to help you stay active and injury-free. We will also work on your breathing, alignment, and posture to help you reduce the negative effects of sitting/a sedentary lifestyle. Improve your tight hip flexors, sore shoulders, stiff lower backs, and general flexibility! 

Suitable for: Anyone interested in improving their mobility and athletic ability. This is a gentle workout that still promises to be fun and help you improve agility and mobility.