How does the gym work?

Trybe is a multi disciplinary movement space. Our offerings include, but are not limited to:

●     Group Classes:

  1.  Gymnastics 
  2.  Strength & Conditioning
  3.  Circus
  4.  Active Recovery 
  5.  Kids Acrobatics & Gymnastics Classes

●     Private sessions

●     Small Group Training (3-8 people):

  1.   Team building event
  2.   Regular attendees

We also host regular workshops, parties, and special events here! For more information, please email move@trybehk.com.


Can I come in for a trial?

We offer a 5-Day Newbie Pack for just HK$550 of Unlimited Classes. For 5 consecutive days, you are welcome to try out ALL of our classes!

If you are interested in trying a private session, please email move@trybehk.com.


How much are the classes / private sessions / small group training?

Click Here for more specific details on prices. A drop in class ranges from $150 to $250; we suggest the 5 Day Newbie Pack for the best value for money! We also have Unlimited Memberships and different credit packages to suit your movement training goals and lifestyle.


What are the opening times?

We open 7 days a week.

Mon to Fri 7am - 9pm

Sat & Sun 10am - 4pm*

Our schedule for public holidays differs based on client demand, so please check our schedule on MindBody or email us to check!

*We host workshops and special events from time to time, so please make note that the regular schedule might be affected. We notify all students regarding any special events well ahead of time, but sometimes, things happen! Please call if you don't see your regular class on schedule!





We encourage you to reserve a spot online to hold your place in class, but drop-ins are always welcome. However, if a class is full or over-subscribed, we will ask that you kindly try another class at the same time slot or go to open gym to practice.

Please arrive early to ensure your spot; if you do not check-in at the front desk by 5 minutes after a class session, your reserved spot will be given to a student on the waitlist. You can use our online reservation system to manage your schedule.



Class, Open Gym, and membership fees are non-refundable, save for special circumstances at the discretion of the Trybe team.

If you feel unwell during the class, please speak to the instructor within the first 15 minutes of the class and we can refund your class credits for the day.

Class reservations may be cancelled online up to 6 hours prior to the start time of class without incurring penalty and may re-book into another class.

Class will be charged as usual for any late cancellations of reserved classes (under 6 hours prior to the starting time of class).

Frequently cancel late? Please try not to, as this will affect your reservation privileges, as we do have other members who want to sign up for classes. We really care that you can make it to your favorite class so speak with us directly if you have late cancelled more than 3 times in a row.



We take an individualized approach to refunds as we want to come up with the optimal solution for everyone . Depending on your case, if you are injured or affected with an illness, relocating away from Hong Kong, or incur any permanent situation affecting your membership, please notify us immediately. For those going away on vacation, we can put a hold on your account until you get back!

For injuries or illnesses, we do require a doctor’s note but please speak to our team directly to resolve any issues. We'd like to see you happy and healthy; your wellness matters to us. 


Late to class

We cannot allow students to join a class more than 10 minutes after the start time, even if there is space in class and the student is already warm or fully capable of warming themselves up. This is a safety consideration for Trybe and unfortunately we cannot make exceptions to this policy.