Our gym offers a great range and variety of fitness, catering all genders and ages. We have:

  • Group Classes:
  1. Gymnastics (most popular)
  2. Strength & Conditioning
  3.  Circus (unique)
  4.  Active Recovery (low intensity)
  5. Signature Movement (mix of all 4 types of classes)
  • Private sessions
  • Small Group Training:
  1.  Team building event
  2. Regular attendees


Can I come in for a trial?

We offer a 5-Day Newbie Pack for just HK$550 of Unlimited Classes. This mean for 5 consecutive days, you are welcome to try out ALL of our classes!

If you are interested in trying our private session, please drop us an email and one of our trainer will respond very soon.


How much are the classes / private sessions / small group training?

Click Here for more details on prices.