We offer a great variety of classes, catering the inexperienced, beginners to advanced level fitness enthusiasts.

There are 5 categories to our classes as well as our TrybeKids classes.

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Who says you can’t get strong without weights? Calisthenics, or bodyweight fitness is an excellent way to develop strength, aesthetics and skills at all the same time. We will work towards several major skills such as levers, planche, press to handstand, handstand pushups, flags, one arm chinup and much more. While most of these may seem like inhuman feats, everyone can benefit from working on their progressions.
A general fitness level is recommended for this class.

5 Credits / HK$250

Active Recovery

Full Body Fix / Body Fix45

This class combines exercises from physiotherapy, tai chi, yoga, pilates, and gymnastics and is specifically geared to help you stay active, mobile and injury-free. We will also work on your breathing, alignment, and posture to help you reduce the negative effects of sitting/a sedentary lifestyle. Improve your tight hip flexors, sore shoulders, stiff lower backs, and general flexibility!  Click for video

Superhero Flex

Superhero Flex prepares the muscles and tendons to both withstand the maximum demands of your sport and to rebound injury-free from unexpected twists, turns and stresses. Classes introduce dynamic stretching in motion, incorporates various techniques including PNF and isometrics, while systematically working every joint of the body which means you develop flexibility the way your body needs it. The purpose of this class is to stretch, strengthen and rebalance the full muscular structure, leaving you more flexible and agile to achieve your acrobatic, athletic, handstand and tumbling goals!

Contemporary Dance

This class encourages personal expression in a highly physical practice. Expect to learn a blend of techniques, ranging from floor work, contact improvisation, contemporary, and theater/ performance. We work on gaining knowledge and self awareness through your body movement. There is a challenge for everybody and level; no previous dance experience is necessary. We will move, sweat, play, and train.

Our Active Recovery classes are a great supplement for any physical practice and any fitness level. 

3 Credits / HK$150



Learn how to take your body awareness and control to the next level! Acrobatics is a free form class that combines elements of gymnastics, various martial arts and dance forms. We will learn to jump, roll, flip, spin in a fun and safe environment. No experience required except an open attitude! If you ever wanted to move like an action hero here is your chance!

Recommended prerequisite: Mastery of basic cartwheel, forward roll.

Handstand 1

Level 1 class suitable for anyone seeking to work on their inversions and handbalancing with no prior experience necessary. We will build the basics of a straight handstand from the ground up using various progressions and drills. Focus will be placed on proper body alignment, stability and shoulder and core strengthening.  Read More

Handstand 2

Intermediate level handstand class for those who are already familiar with the basics of a straight handstand and are able to practice on their own without a spot and wall.
We will introduce different jumps and shapes as well as more complex elements such as one arm variations, presses and pushups. Various surfaces such as blocks and chairs may be used as well.
Instructor approval required.

Students must have taken at least one Handstand 1 class before they can join Handstand 2.

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Acro Adagio

Partner acrobatics is a traditional circus act where partners lift and balance each other in seemingly impossible poses and also use each other to perform acrobatic tricks. Pairs are usually comprised of a base and flyer, although the roles are not set in stone and can be swapped for certain elements. Partner acro builds a tremendous amount of coordination, strength, balance and communication skills. Come prepared to have lots of bloopers and laughs with your flyer/base!

Not required to come with a partner, we will match students together!

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Cirque classes start at the basics for those with no experience and progresses to level 1 for those who are confident with the basics and want more of a challenge.  Level 2 is by invitation and instructor approval only.

5 Credits / HK$250



Gymnastic rings are a great tool for building coordination, stability and strength, especially for the upper body. Our rings program focuses on progressions from pullups, dips and support strength to more advanced moved including muscle ups, shoulder stands, front and back rolls, front and back levers. We break down the skills for our students to grasp muscle control with proper form and technique.

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Tumbling 1

Tumbling 1 covers the foundations of gymnastic tumbling for adults. Improve spatial awareness, body control, explosive power and progress through rolls, tucks, cartwheels and round offs! Suitable for all levels, no experience required!  Read More

Tumbling 2

A more advanced class for those who have experience in tumbling and want to progress to more complex skills. Backflips, handsprings, sequencing movements for tumbling passes and twists will be taught in this class.

Instructor approval is required to join this class.

Gymnastic Conditioning

Full body cardio and strength conditioning in the form of gymnastics drill and exercises. Conquer body control, get stronger and learn new skills in floorwork, and bars. This training is open to all levels whether you are working to build strength to do a pullup or want to progress from skin the cat muscle ups. No gymnastics background necessary!  Read More

Gymnastics classes start at the basics for those with no experience and progresses to level 1 for those who are confident with the basics and want more of a challenge.  Level 2 is by invitation and instructor approval only.


5 Credits / HK$250

Strength & Conditioning

Strength Training

Strength training through weights and bodyweight exercises to get stronger, fitter and more athletic. Train with proper form and technique in powerlifting, weightlifting, accessory lifts and sports performance to improve body composition, speed and power while staying injury free. Our strength and conditioning classes provide a supportive environment for everyone from complete beginner to advanced athlete.  Read More

Olympic Weightlifting

Learn and train under a coached program in the highly technical Olympic Lifts: Clean & Jerk and Snatch! Weightlifting is a great tool for developing full body strength, coordination, and explosive power. Open to all levels but familiarity in general weight training (e.g. squats, deadlifts, shoulder press) and/or attendance in Strength Training is recommended.

Burn Challenge / Fat Burn Friday

High intensity interval training programmed with both strength and cardio based exercises to push your whole body to its limit! Be prepared to raise your heart rate and work up a good sweat with both equipment and bodyweight exercises!


Strength classes start at the basics for those with no experience and progresses to level 1 for those who are confident with the basics and want more of a challenge.  Level 2 is by invitation and instructor approval only.

5 Credits / HK$250