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Handstand 1

Level 1 class suitable for anyone seeking to work on their inversions and hand-balancing with no prior experience necessary. We will build the basics of a straight handstand from the ground up using various progressions and drills. The focus will be placed on proper body alignment, stability, shoulder and core strengthening. 

Handstand 2

Intermediate level handstand class for those who are already familiar with the basics of a straight handstand and are able to practice on their own without a spot and wall. We will introduce different jumps and shapes as well as more complex elements such as one arm variations, presses, and pushups. Various surfaces such as blocks and chairs may be used as well. 

Instructor approval required.  Students must have taken at least one Handstand 1 class before they can join Handstand 2.


Acro Adagio

Partner acrobatics is a traditional circus act where partners lift and balance each other in seemingly impossible poses, and also use each other to perform acrobatic tricks. Pairs are usually comprised of a base and flyer, although the roles are not set in stone and can be swapped for certain elements. Partner acro builds a tremendous amount of coordination, strength, balance, and communication skills. Come prepared to have lots of bloopers and laughs with your flyer/base!

Not required to come with a partner, we will match students together!


Chinese Pole - On Pause until Fall 2019

Trybe is excited to present the first Chinese Pole class in Hong Kong!

Chinese Pole is a dynamic, acrobatic, aerial circus discipline: incredible for fitness, building core strength, cross training for climbers, aerialists, pole dancers and anyone wanting to shake up their gym routine in a big way! It’s also a stunning performance form in its own right.

These classes are aimed at people with little or no experience of Chinese Pole who have a reasonable fitness level. Classes are 1 hour long and include conditioning, positions and new sequences.