New: Trybe and Auntie Tam's Kids Summer Camp!

If you haven't heard about it yet, two passionate One Island South businesses have combined forces to give your child the best summer camp yet! 

Both Simon and Steph are very passionate about providing a space for children to learn how to be creative, problem solve, and stay active at the same time. Few facilities provide students with the attention and diverse activity they need to stay stimulated and motivated. Thus, our teams decided to partner and provide two summer camp specials. 

Each day will involve both creative physical activity and academic learning!

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Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of physical activity for a child’s neurodevelopment, learning prowess, and communication / social ability. Trybe aims to expose students to a wide range of physical activity, including gymnastics, parkour, dance, acrobatics, circus arts, kids yoga, and sports training. Each day will consist of two different movement activities, designed to supplement your child's learning and academic studies. Specific skills will also be taught to help students increase their strength, flexibility, gain confidence, and have fun staying active.

The educators at Auntie Tam’s will be focusing on keeping students creatively and academically motivated during the summer. By providing a range of fun classes and activities in Mandarin, English, Maths, phonetics, reading, writing, your child will be able to keep up with the vigorous demands of the school year and still enjoy a more relaxed pace of learning during the summer. Auntie Tam's holistic method of education is a proven system that has effectively helped numerous children to flourish and develop a love of learning.

A very balanced summer camp indeed!

Students will be spending time at both facilities, with a break for lunch. This innovative approach ensures your children are getting the best of both worlds and fills in the gaps in their learning, building confidence and creativity along the way.

Spots are limited to keep class sizes small and focused. 2 age groups are available: 4-7 years old and 8-12 years old. Only 10 spots per age group are available. 

1 day passes are available. Please email Simon at with dates and age group. 

For further questions, please contact Steph at or Simon at