Active Recovery


Full Body Fix

This class combines exercises from physiotherapy, tai chi, yoga, pilates, and gymnastics and is specifically geared to help you stay active, mobile and injury-free. We will also work on your breathing, alignment, and posture to help you reduce the negative effects of sitting/a sedentary lifestyle. Improve your tight hip flexors, sore shoulders, stiff lower backs, and general flexibility!


Contemporary Dance

This class encourages personal expression in a highly physical practice. Expect to learn a blend of techniques, ranging from floor work, contact improvisation, contemporary, and theater/ performance. We work on gaining knowledge and self-awareness through your body movement. There is a challenge for everybody and level; no previous dance experience is necessary. We will move, sweat, play, and train.


Superhero Flex

Superhero Flex prepares the muscles and tendons to both withstand the maximum demands of your sport, and to rebound injury-free from unexpected twists, turns, and stresses. Classes introduce dynamic stretching in motion, incorporates various techniques including PNF and isometric exercises, while systematically working every joint of the body. This means to develop flexibility the way your body needs it. The purpose of this class is to stretch, strengthen, and rebalance the full muscular structure; leaving you more flexible and agile to achieve your acrobatic, athletic, handstand, and tumbling goals!