Acro Adagio

Partner acrobatics is a traditional circus act performed that can be awe inspiring and sensually beautiful at the same time. Partners lift and balance each other in seemingly impossible poses and also use each other to perform acrobatic tricks. Pairs are usually comprised of a base and flyer, although the roles are not set in stone and can be swapped for certain elements. Partner acro builds a tremendous amount of strength as well as balance and communication skills.

You do not need to come with a partner for now, as we will match students together. Although it is highly encouraged to have set training partners in order to progress to more difficult skills.

Clothing: Please wear tight fitting clothing that gives full range of motion. As grip is a big issue in acro, more skin is always better. For guys please avoid slippery material on the thighs and shoulders. For girls you will need grip on your arms, legs and waist.

Level 1:  Suitable for beginners

Level 2: By invitation only